wonboy said: 💦💦💦 there will be more…. or somethin like that…….

HE FLIRted with me for like 2 whole fucking weeks and i responded back but he told me that something like i am cold and i only laugh at him and he kinda gave up on me but he still talks to me and if i go to bed at 7 am he goes at 7 am too im so fucking confsed and sad AND I DIDN;T EVEN MET HIM IN REAL LIFE 

the bboy…i like….oonly….likes me…..as a friend……..ok……..


シンメトリーによる怪しい建物Strange architecture with Symmetry

Still from the 1972 version of Alice in Wonderland

why they offer free condoms when sex is a choice and tampons are so expensive I DIDN’T CHOSE THIS YOU KNOW

im just CRYING



cool date idea:

1. come over to my place with your dog

2. leave your dog

3. go home



at least if i’m not a whore in the real life i can be in games


Undercover S/S 2005 by Jun Takahashi